Patronage is Granted by Invitation Only

Ralph Louis Frederick is an exclusive bar catering to fine whisky and cigar enthusiasts. If you enjoy experiencing whiskies from ghosted distilleries, whiskies no longer in production, independent bottlers, old and rare bottlings, all in a small and intimate setting, you will genuinely appreciate our bar.

If you need a fine wine or cleansing ale between your whiskies we have a thoughtful premium beer, wine, and champagne list on offer.

Respecting our intimate space, we offer a select list of stirred cocktails, as shaking is far too rambunctious and noisy.

We also offer a tightly curated list of white spirits, whilst our list of alternative dark spirits is rather more embellished.

The Experience

At Ralph Louis Frederick we greatly value our guests’ experiences and aim to create an enjoyable atmosphere for all.

Due to our intimate environment, we can accommodate a maximum group size of 4.

We do not accommodate split group bookings. For larger groups we recommend our downstairs area at Hains & Co.

No cost is associated with becoming an Established Patron, however you must be introduced or accompanied by an Established Patron.

You are welcome to use the form below.

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