Locker Registration

Drinking whisky is decadent to do anywhere, but especially so when you have your very own locker at Ralph Louis Frederick.

To register your interest, complete the application form for a private locker, which is available for an initial period of three years.

Your whisky locker will require a commitment of a new fine bottle of whisky every three months, and a box of cigars every twelve months.

Lockers are numbered 1 to 15 – let us know if you have a preference.

Terms and Conditions available below.

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Whisky & Cigar Lockers
Terms and Conditions

We offer private humidified Lockers for those who wish to store and preserve their special bottles and cigars they purchase at Ralph Louis Frederick.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Established Patron Requirement: To secure a Locker lease, you must already be an Established Patron of Ralph Louis Frederick.
  2. Age Requirement: Patrons must be 18 years or older to be eligible for a Locker lease.
  3. Lease Period: The initial Locker lease is for a period of 3 years.
  4. Full Payment: Payment for the Locker lease must be made in full before the commencement of the lease.
  5. Renewal Option: After the initial 3-year lease period, patrons have the option to renew for a further year at the pro rata price of the initial lease.
  6. Notification of Expiry: The bar will notify patrons of the Locker’s expiration 3 months prior to the end date.
  7. Lease Non-Renewal: If the lease is not renewed before the end date, the contents of the Locker are available for collection prior to the end date. After this time, the contents become the property of Ralph Louis Frederick.
  8. Stocking Requirements: Each Locker must be stocked with a bottle of whisky purchased from Ralph Louis Frederick, replenished at least every 3 months. In addition, each Locker must be stocked with a cigar box of your choice purchased from the bar that must be replenished at least every 12 months. Whisky and cigars will be available at 20% below the bar retail price.
  9. Prohibited Contents: Alcohol bottles purchased off-premise are not allowed in Lockers.
  10. Locker Contents Consumption: Contents of the Locker can only be consumed at Ralph Louis Frederick.
  11. Locker Key Handling: The Locker key will be kept on the premises and accessed only by Management.
  12. Behavioural Guidelines: Abusive or inappropriate behaviour towards property, staff, or others will lead to the cancellation of the Locker lease, with contents becoming the property of Ralph Louis Frederick without refund.
  13. Responsible Service of Alcohol: Patrons accessing their Locker bottles must adhere to Responsible Service of Alcohol laws and regulations.
  14. Right to Refuse Service: The Ralph Louis Frederick team retains the right to refuse service and remove private bottles from patrons’ tables if necessary.
  15. Termination Clause: Ralph Louis Frederick reserves the right to terminate the Locker lease at any time if the terms and conditions are breached.

These terms and conditions are designed to ensure a respectful and responsible use of the Lockers, while providing an exclusive and personalised experience for the Established Patrons of Ralph Louis Frederick.